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Winkels Lawyers has a team of lawyers specialised in Immigration Law. Migrations have existed throughout the history of humanity and in this day and age they continue to exist. People find themselves changing their place of residence to another country that is not their own usually due to economic, family, war or political reasons. The increase in these migration flows and the toughening of immigration laws have resulted in a greater demand for legal assistance on the part of these individuals.

For this reason, our lawyers, experts in immigration law, will advise you in all types of cases concerning immigration issues. Thanks to their experience and prestige in these fields, as well as their proficiency in languages (English, French, German,…), our professionals will offer you comprehensive legal advice that will help in making the process as easy and efficient as possible.

These are only some of the fields in which we provide legal assistance:

  • Work and residency permits: Said authorisation allows foreign nationals to be legally employed. Learn more at our firm.
  • Family regroupings: Foreign nationals residing in Spain can regroup with: their spouse, children under the age of 18, wards under the age of 18, parents over the age of 65. Ask our specialists about your specific case.
  • Disciplinary immigration proceedings, deportations or fines: In those cases involving persons that are in the country irregularly, the Police may initiate a deportation process that will lead to administrative disciplinary proceedings, which may conclude in various ways (deportation from the country, fine…).
  • Student cards: This card may be obtained by any foreign national arriving in Spain with the purpose of taking a course, broadening their studies, or carrying out research or training work (unpaid) in any official recognised teaching institution. If you need to process an application contact us.
  • Nationality: To obtain Spanish nationality the current law establishes different paths, like for instance, residency, adoption, naturalisation or acquiring a particular legal status. Consult your specific case with us.
  • Residency permits for investors in Spain: The beneficiaries of these residency permits are those foreign nationals from non-community countries that are willing to invest in Spain
  • Work and residency permits for employees of large corporations: Proceedings to facilitate the entry and permanency in Spain of investors, entrepreneurs, high-qualified professionals, researchers, workers moving within the same company… We inform you of all the documentation that is required.
  • Seasonal workers: We are dealing herein with a temporary residency and work permit that allows foreign nationals to be employed in seasonal work.
  • Long-term residency permits and long-term EU residency permits: It authorises the holder to reside and work in Spain indefinitely under the same conditions as Spaniards.
  • Residency of community citizens: The citizens of European Union Member States, foreign nationals of other States that are part of the European Economic Area Agreement or Switzerland, who will reside in Spain for a period in excess of three months, are compelled to register with the Central Register of Foreign Nationals.
  • Residency permits for the family members of community citizens: The family members of European Union citizens, when regrouping with or accompanying the latter, and who will reside in Spain for a period in excess of three months, must apply for and obtain a Residence Permit of a family member of a Union citizen.
  • Regularisation of minors in Spain: This residency permit may be granted to under age foreign nationals not born in Spain that are the children of foreign nationals that legally reside in Spain.
  • Contentious-administrative proceedings related to immigration: At Winkels Lawyers we are specialised in administrative appeals and, in particular, in the field of immigration.
  • Intra-company mobility of workers: Current legislation allows a non-EU worker, employed overseas by a company from the same business group, to move to Spain. Find out what documentation is required.
  • Visas for investors: It allows foreign nationals to reside in Spain for at least one year. The applicant of this visa must accredit ownership of real estate assets.

And moreover, we handle all types of issues with a foreign component, be it criminal, civil or social.

At Winkels Lawyers we offer our clients comprehensive legal services in the field of immigration, providing all the information, documentation and advice so that the legalisation process is as quick as possible. Our law firm will protect you before any administrative and/or judicial body, and will advise you on how to resolve your problem by providing the most adequate options to your personal situation.